Massage is probably one of the most ancient therapies on the planet. Hippocrates stated that massage, diet and exercise are the three most important ingredients for health. We underestimate the importance of touch and the healing that it can bring us. Quite often our approach to massage is that it is a ’one off’ treat or something to consider when the body has gone into crisis. When we are considering our general health we often think about diet and exercise but do not realise the power of regular therapeutic massage.

The fact is that touch is cumulative. Regular massage is restorative. It allows us to just be. It is amazing how much we can release and lay down when we give ourselves this time . Many cultures recognise this and still have a lifestyle that includes therapeutic touch as a regular part of life. Often these societies have better health as a result and are freer from the common diseases of the Western World. I offer more traditional Holistic massage or NO HANDS massage, please see the dedicated NO HANDS massage page which outlines this approach in more detail.


“I have been treated by Rachel for the past few years and then needed more intensive treatment following a car crash. I am very pleased to say that I am pain free and much less stressed in general thanks to Rachel’s hands on and hands free techniques.”

Beki, West Yorkshire

“I have been seeing Rachel for three years on a regular basis. I gain lots of benefits from the reflexology. It helps me to de-stress at the end of a hectic working day and also eases aches and pains. She comes highly recommended. You will not be disappointed!”